This file is an extension of Adobe Acrobat. It is essential for PDF formatting in various capacities and is definitely a file that has lots of agility within the program. Although many have considered it to be bloatware with little functionality, problems arise when people decide to invariably delete this application which causes problems throughout the Acrobat application (and possibly other applications as well). The Acrotray.exe file allows you to print PDFs directly from the Microsoft Office suite and convert files into PDFs as well. Without this extension, a number of application problems or errors may arise.

Is Acrotray.exe a virus file?

No, this program is not a virus in the least. However, it does have some of the attributes that run of the mill spyware programs have as well. For instance, it can capture data from various points (such as sensitive information during the PDF conversion process). However, most people do not view this as a very big threat, because the service is not a text-processing service so essentially no text is read. However, no one truly knows the extent of the data that Adobe can capture, or whether or not databases exist for this purpose alone. This alone is a very discouraging thought for some users and causes them to delete the file. Generally speaking, the file should be considered to be safe. However, as with any application file, it can become compromised and pose additional risks to your computer and your personal information.

Can I safely end this task on my PC?

Yes, it is possible to delete the file, but there is a chance that in doing so, you will greatly reduce the functionality of Adobe Acrobat services. For example, if you are eventually planning on using the pay service PDF writer, you are going to need this file. Also, if you plan on printing PDFs you are definitely going to need this file to be completely operational as well.

What is the best way to stop Acrotray.exe errors?

If you disable the program, you will see errors for many reasons, because this is an integral part of the Adobe information architecture. The program relies heavily on the extension to handle print queries and conversion queries. It is best to just increase the level of security overall, and deal with the pop up notices. In this way you will avoid disabling very necessary functionality to the PDF creation and print processes.

If you are concerned about viral errors it is best to just use the security task manager to ensure that it is not eating up large chunks of cache memory. If it is, chances are you may own a corrupted version of the original file. If you don’t frequently use your PDF converter, you may find a lot of Acrotray.exe errors because you won’t be prone to updating to the latest version. As a result, you may find that your version has severe compatibility issues. This is especially true if you have waited, or ignored the fact that there were multiple upgrades that have already occurred.

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